In HIM we Trust

A night of pure magic, with my heart not frozen, and the soul on fire.


Put on paper the emotions of that magical night is not easy. Mine don’t want to be a technical review, but only a personal report of a wonderful experience.


I love music in all its facets, but the emotions that HIM give to me are different and special. It was love at first sight at first listen, as to have found something that I did not even know to be looking for, but perfect for me, deep down.

December 31, 2013 was my first time Helldone, and needless to say that I was restless and excited to be able to participate (especially after the ups and downs to get the ticket) to a historical and sacred event for fans of HIM, the meeting that brings together, for ten years,  all fans from all over the world.


1039861_596061930448587_758147862_oI arrived at Tavastia with my friends around 11 am, and 5 girls were already in the queue. The wait was long but all in all not exhausting, the bitter cold luckily it was not excessive, and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many other fans.


At 8 pm we finally were allowed to enter, and after a further waiting, thousands of elbowing and a mad rush, I found myself under the stage, exactly in the center. People moved and shoved all the time, trying to move forward and move on, but I planted my feet on the ground, firmly resolved  to not give up that fantastic location!


Finally, after a further hour, the concert began. The first to perform were the Beastmilk, post-punk band formed in Helsinki in 2010, followed by Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat, always a punk band from Helsinki, whose members work in a lab of music / culture for disabled people, and are the authors of music and lyrics of their songs. They were energetic and irreverent, with a charge crazy!


The Odalisque, instead , played at the “Semifinal”, so I had no way, unfortunately, to hear them.

There has been four hours physically devastating, fatigue was beginning to be felt strongly, but I resisted, anxious for what, a little later, it would be successful.


And so, a few minutes before midnight, as usual, the owner of Tavastia took the stage and did the countdown.


“3 … 2 … 1 …” and there was  an explosion of champagne, lights, colors and screams, followed by notes of “Unleash the Red ‘, on which they have made their appearance , finally, HIM.


I felt suddenly better, I launched a liberating scream full of emotion, which started from the deep of my soul, and I had a huge sm

ile on my face. The guys were in great shape, it was felt from the very first song, “Buried Alive by Love”.


They were divine, and in spite of them I had seen only two months before, and I also had the opportunity to meet and get to know, I was incredulous to realize that I was really  there, at Tavastia, in less than two meters from them.


For two hours I sang, I laughed and smiled, I was excited, I felt full of energy of all deeply passionate fans who were there, who had come from all over the world.

I was dazed and confused, the atmosphere was really unique!

Ville sang like never before, and the band has delighted us with a few songs that didn’t  perform live for years, such as “In joy and sorrow,” “For you” and “Death is in love with us,” to which the crowd has broken out like crazy.

The last pearl was “When love and death embrace”, a perfect end to an incomparable evening.

I was motionless, with my eyes fixed on them, as if to impress and scratch those moments in my mind, with the impression that there was almost no one else around me. All of a sudden I felt my eyes become glossy and a few tears fall down, as if that wave of feelings that I had swept throughout the evening finally found a way to vent, and also, perhaps, to the knowledge of not knowing when I got to see them live another time.

It was definitely a night I will remember for a very long time, a night of pure magic, with my heart not frozen, and the soul on fire.

Marianna P.


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