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Blood and God: interview to Veri Jumala.

10007427_842791289095578_1188511641470641490_nWe’ve discovered him thanks to You Tube, where he published several cover of our beloved HIM, and not only.
Hit by his talent, we decided to interview him to better understand who is.
We’re talking about the young, romantic, rock, acoustic songwriter  Veri Jumala.
Hello Veri, and thank you for accepting our interview. When and how your passion for HIM was started? What do you value most in them?
Hey hey. It’s a pleasure. Thanks for talking to me. I started listening to HIM when i was about 8 or 9 years old. This was the time when “Join Me In Death” was number one in the charts over here in Germany and you were not able to escape these finnish fellows. With 9 years i was not really able to understand the songs but they already kicked ass in my opinion. I bought some albums a few years later and they became something like the soundtrack of my life for me. And thats what they still are. So besides the skills they all have and the great songs they create you can feel a certain sympathy from those guys. They are a pretty huge band and still down to earth with a great philosophy and a strong connection to the fans. I appreciate that.
Why did you choose this name? What does “Veri Jumala” means?
These are two finnish words i connect to let it sound like a name. Veri means blood and Jumala means god. But it’s not to call myself a “god”. It is because i like mysterys and a kind of deep and dark story telling. And for me a god is nobody sitting in a cloud and controlling everything – for me a “god” means hope. So everything that let you hope could be a god for you. And i chose blood because i am fascinated by this “red juice”. Without it there would be nothing for us. No breathing, no love, no hate, no hope -> no gods.
Tell us somewhat about you. When did you start making music? What gave you the boost to start?
I guess it was in 2010 when i started a try to create music. Of course i failed but it was okay because nobody was able to hear it. I began to cover some songs on the old guitar from my grandma but i was to dumb to play some chords or even to sing. But i pacticed every day on my own and started to compose some unbelievable bad own songs and it helped me to become better. I played every day because i had this strong connection to the songs and bands i was listening to. They gave me so much and it is my dream to be able to give these kind of emotions and feelings to other people all around the world too. Music helped me a lot and i want to help and fascinate with my little art.
Your latest album, released in September 2014, is called Obsession with sanity and was produced by CrysellaRecords,that were self-produced. It was definitely a great satisfaction! What are your songs about? And musically what genre, or band, inspires you, as well as paladins of Love Metal?
Oh a great satisfaction? Thank you. But it think it was a mistake to put this album on the market as my “official” debutalbum. I regret this. The songs mean a lot to me. No question about it and i had good friends working with me on the album but it is not as good as it should be. I love to write about contrasts. I want to show that things are not as easy as they might seem to be.
There is not only black or white. There is not only love or hate. There is always something in between and we need to open our eyes and our hearts to recognize these things. Unfortunately this happens not often anymore in todays society. You have your life and you need to live it. There is not much time or passion left for depth. There are so many bands and artists i use as inspiration. Anathema, Type O Negative, Antimatter, 30 Seconds To Mars, The 69 Eyes, David Bowie, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, End Of Green, Black Sabbath – just to name a few. Oh and there is this great “new” band called “Wolvespirit” from Germany.
You should give them a listen.
Is there an artist in particular whom you’d like to collaborate and duet? And why?
Well of course it would be amazing to work with Ville Valo or recording a song with Mr.Johnny Depp on the guitar or something. But i would love to compose and record a duet with the amazing Vic Anselmo.
She has such a breathtaking voice and fills a song with such an overwhelming atmosphere. This would be a big honor.


What are your future plans? Are you planning a tour?
It’s always important to survive. I think this is a good plan at first. But to be honest i am working on a new acoustic-demoalbum that will be available for free in the landscapes of the mighty world wide web and we are up to plan some promotion and stuff like this. I would love to play a tour or some gigs but it is hard as hell to get some opportunities if you are unsigned. We’ll try our best.

In addition to your solo project, have you also a band?
Correct. We’re called “Roak” and it’s a totally different genre. It’s a lot of fun and the guys in the band have some serious talent. Let’s see what we can do with our young project.
Do you have a website where we can find the news about you?
You can find me on Facebook  or just follow me on Youtube and on Spotify
I even have reverbnation and twitter but i am not really sure how to handle it.We are working on a lot of news and sites. Let’s hope it will work out for everyone.
Thanks for your time, and good luck for your work!
Dankeschön! I hope you all will have a great 2015! Merry Christmas everybody!
Interview by Marianna Piersante.
*Italian translation here


“E’ vietata la riproduzione anche solo parziale di questo articolo/traduzione, sia in formato cartaceo che telematico, senza indicarne provenienza, senza chiedere l’autorizzazione agli autori o i dovuti crediti al Blog.”

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