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Involvement, fun and romance in the name of His Infernal Majesty: interview with the “Secret Poetry”.

10013849_858745970808288_1776329995_nThey come from Pescara, although their origins are between Lazio and Abruzzo, and for 9 years they running for pub and similar place, trying to spread the Love Metal in Italy: they are the Secret Poetry, HIM tribute band. We listened them, we liked them (and very much!) so we decided to let you know the band, finding that, behind it they hiding five really nice boys. Here it is what they told us.


H.F. : Let’s start with a question to know you better. Tell us about you: who are you, how long have you known? In short, introduce yourself to our readers.

S.P. : Hello Heartagram Faith!

We are honored for your support and your interview! Therefore, Secret Poetry is a project that began as a tribute to the Finnish band HIM. After the end of Enkeli Love that formed in the summer of 2005 (Ex HIM Tribute Band), unable to resist to the charming appeal of our HIM, I decided  (Pierluigi, singer) to reform the tribute band with Geri (keyboards), Matteo Malatesta (drum), Matteo Malatesta (guitar) Luca Branella (bass).



H.F. : When e where have you formed the Secret Poetry? Why have you chosen this name?

S.P. : The Secret Poetry were formed between 2008 and 2009, after the end of the Enkeli Love, we’ve known for more than nine years with the current members, we don’t have a specific place to say where we formed because we aren’t all of the the same place, but we could give a beginning to this adventure in the rehearsal room of our bassist Luca in Roseto (TE).

We have chosen this name to distinguish us from the other tribute that are out there, deciding not to give a name inspired to the titles of the songs of HIM, but to give a name that was the more possible in line with the Love Metal! The idea of the name Secret Poetry was had from our singer, taking a cue from the first verse of the song  Passion’s Killing Floor, that you all know! (It’s Poetry Carved ….)



H.F. : Why did you decide to put on a cover band? Wasn’t it easier to throw on your pieces avoiding a confrontation that could be uncomfortable even knowing how demanding fans of a certain type of music  are?

S.P. : We have chosen to do the tribute to HIM for reasons of passion towards them, but especially for the singing talent of our Pier which, in our opinion, but also of other people, it’s very similar to that of our well-beloved Ville, being so “safe” to do a good job both musical and vocal, and to be able to satisfy all of our “fans”, knowing their needs and always giving the best of ourselves!


H.F. : How do you choose the songs to sing? Do you have any special criteria or simply go on what you prefer more?

 S.P. : We haven’t a standard to choose the songs, we do from the most famous and those required by the public, to those slightly more niche that sometimes don’t even HIM sings, such as Stigmata Diaboli! However, we always try to add more songs to our repertoire as possible, ranging from the first to the last album, so as to satisfy more and more the public.


H.F. : Have you ever sent a demo to HIM? If so, how did they react?

S.P. : Ahahah , this is a beautiful story: back in 2006 we sent our demo to Him through some contacts  (remember, before we were called Enkeli Love) , we sent this demo for Ville’s birthday with a letter where we told him  about our band, who we were and our passion for them. After all this, we received a letter from the ex-manager of  HIM ( at the time was Silke ), where he said that the band had listened to us and that they liked a lot, especially His Infernal Majesty in person. At the time we asked if they were willing to have a Him Tribute official  in Italy , but they replied that they didn’t follow this kind of interest, but that they were happy about our tribute to them, and above all it was a good job we had done ! There is also to say that, when our demo was made to listen in the HIM’s office ,people, secretaries, etc, who were there thought it was an old demo made ​​by HIM, made don’t know where ! This comment we received from the manager and their staff who were there when have listened to our demo made ​​us really happy and even more loads in moving forward in our tribute!


H.F. : Do you have any other musical project outside of the Secret Poetry?

S.P. : About the projects outside of the Secret Poetry, we can say that our singer is also busy in tribute of Alterbridge and something unpublished, the bassist has a tribute of Mr Big in Rome, and the drummer is on tour with his own band unpublished.


H.F. : Tell us some funny anecdote that concerns you.

S.P. : Well! About the anecdotes that make us protagonists, we don’t have one in particular,all our evenings or songs of our demo give us good things, and make us proud and motivate us even more to go on! One in particular there has been on February 15, 2014 , at the Exenzia, in Florence: after playing All Lips Go Blue, our guitarist needed to change the guitar to make the second piece, he turned back and the guitar was no more there! He had left it in the backstage!

They have been 60 seconds of madness among us, who were trying to “play down” and the audience encouraged us! It was really nice, but at the same time funny and cute!


H.F. : Is there a song you use as opening and closing concerts, or you do the setlist according to the evening? If so, why did you choose those songs?

S.P. : As for the songs of our evenings, we take our cue from HIM we “copy” their songs for the opening and closing in order to make the audience revive a real HIM concert. Anyway we adhere to their last setlist performed, obviously adding many more songs to the lineup! The songs that we use as opening and closing are Unleash The All-Red-All -Lips Go Blue as opening ,and The Funeral Of Hearts as closing.


H.F. : There are several cover bands of HIM, in Italy we have some of this. Give us at least three good reasons to choose your concert rather than another band.

S.P. : The first reason to come to our concert is because certainly, after the evening , we’ll leave you happy and exhausted ,and with choked up! And you would us to play for hours yet! The second reason is because we can satisfy you on everything! Involvement guaranteed! Fun! And romance, as His Infernal Majesty wants! The third reason is because we are beautiful ,ahahhahaha ,and especially because we’re the best (we’re joking)!


H.F. : You are 5 members. We suppose each of you has favorite song of HIM: what and why?

S.P. : Pier , the singer, prefers all the songs! But his favorite is It’s All Tears because it changed his life, with the melody a little hard, dark , but at the same time delicate and with a wonderful text!

Luca, the bassist, prefers Kiss of dawn, because it’s dark, troubled but sweet at the same time as him!

Matteo, the guitarist, prefers The Funeral of Hearts because it has a profound and moving melody, with a guitar solo decided but at the same time romantic and penetrating ! Matteo, the drummer, is agree with our singer, so It’s All Tears … and, dare I say that it is among the top, if not the first, of the most dark and deep HIM songs, it’s instrumentally aggressive and the changes of tone of voice to the chorus are great, not to mention the one made in unplugged , it touch the deep, it remains dark even if a little decreased compared to the original version , and has a big sensitivity!

I would give a few more points to the acoustic, because it’s played and sung so it reflects much more with the text , it is one thing , nothing to remove the original. Certainly , for me, is the HIM song more substantial and decisive.

Our keyboardist Geri prefers Vampire Heart for his style text a little decadent , but at the same time romantic as HIM want ! The melody is powerful without ever blend of melodies a bit too “pop.”



H.F. : We thank you for your disposability and for this great interview!

S.P. : Thank you very much to be dedicated to us with this interview!





If you want to learn more about the band, you can find here : SECRET POETRY – H.I.M. TRIBUTE BAND on Facebook  e  Secret Poetry-H.I.M. Tribute Band on You Tube.


English translation by Marianna Piersante – Edit by Katia Arduini.

Italian Version here: Coinvolgimento, divertimento e romanticismo nel nome di Sua Maestà Infernale: intervista ai “Secret Poetry”.

 “E’ vietata la riproduzione anche solo parziale di questo articolo/traduzione, sia in formato cartaceo che telematico, senza indicarne provenienza, senza chiedere l’autorizzazione agli autori o i dovuti crediti al Blog.”


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